Life of a Star

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Death of Star

In a star hydrogen is converted into heavier atoms like helium and the density of the star increases manifold. The star is very near to die. The core of a dying star contains the densest matter in the universe. The ultimate density of a star according to present theories is that it will turn into one of three things according to their mass.

White dwarfIf the star is about the mass of the sun or less than that it will turn into white dwarf Neutron star if the star is bigger than sun but not more than twice as big it will turn into a neutron star Black hole if the star is many times bigger than sun it will turn into a black hole.

White dwarf

Stars lighter than 1.2 solar mass tend to die as white dwarfs. The white dwarfs are no bigger than the earth but their Central density is so great that it can reach 108 g/cm3.

Neutron stars

Stars whose mass is between 1.2 times and sometime less than 2 times the mass of the sun turn into neutron stars for pulses neutrons stars are so called because they are made up almost entirely atomic particle called neutrons in a neutron star matter is compressed until it approaches the density of matter within an atomic nucleus about 1014 grams per cubic cm3 a teaspoon of neutron stars matter would weigh a billion tonnes. This is a density a billion time greater than the density of white dwarf calculation shows that an object as dense as a neutron star must also have a prodigious gravitational power 100 billion time that of the earth so strong is the gravitational pull that a mountain on the surface of a neutron star would not rise higher than an inch all the energy that a man can put out in a lifetime would not be enough to climb that one inch mountain it is estimated that as many as 100 million of the the hundred billion star in our galaxy must have burnt them self out and collapse into neutron stars.

What is black holes

Black holes is a misleading term because what they represent are not holes at all on the contrary they are stars which have contracted so much that they have developed super density 10 raise to power 16 gram per cubic centimetre this represent density greater than the alto density of white cross and neutron stars the black hole is the density of all stars whose mass is contents considerable e greater than the mass of the sun they are so compact and their gravitational pull so strong that even light of radiations produced by them cannot escape them so they cannot be seen by optical telescope a black hole is the smallest and the densest object in the universe. Its gravitational power is incredible it can swallow up everything near it and nothing that gets into it can ever escape from it it can neither crack not split no decrease in size it can only grow and nothing in the universe can stop it from growing this is a for building prospect the black hole is a collapsed are or as some good call it a collapser. The collapse of the star or its transformations into a black hole is quick and invisible. The stars merely winks out and is never seen again but all the invisible it exerts a terrific influence over everything around. It is not known that what is inside a black hole or what goes on within its bowels. It is however believed that a black hole has a perfectly smooth surface without any apps or down a black hole cannot be identified by any means indirect evidence is however available it is its enormous gravitational power that gives it away.

Cygnus X-1

One such black hole recently identified as a powerful but invisible x-ray object called Cygnus x-1. It has been spotted by satellites which carried x-ray telescopes Cygnus x-1 is paired with the superstar HD 22686 8 which is visible the unseen Cygnus x-1 is drawing out a stream of gases from its visible companion the stream of gas spirals around the black hole 1 and on the spiral ultimately disappear into the black hole what is happening is that Cygnus x-1 is bleeding its companion a big blue Star to dash is the gases spiral into words the black hole they collide compress heat up high temperature and send out intense x-rays it is 20 x-ray that have identified the presence of the black hole in the vicinity the black hole is estimated to be about the size of three sons on the face of it this appear to be a small size for a black hole which is capable of swelling up whole galaxies but the size is this the schwarzschild size when our sun is reduced to the the switch for child size it will have radius of about 2 miles only Cygnus x-1 has sich vor child radius three time the present radius of the sun this is big enough to absorb galaxies.